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Dear IRS,

It is that time of year, the CP2000 notices for 2006. They’re a little late this year, but with the AMT  and rebates messes, that is understandable. This and a few more posts will cover issues that have arisen from the notices I have seen. I call a CP2000 notice an oops! letter. After all […]

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Consumer Gloom, Small Biz Misery

I was out grabbing some beers and wings with some non-Wall Street friends (thank god for them) last night and, around a table of 6, not a positive word was said about the economy or its prospects for improvement anytime soon. And none of these guys are economists, they work for a living in real-world […]

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Ten Accounting & Finance Secrets for Start-Ups

Start-Up companies do not need theoretical or impractical advice. They need tips and suggestions that they can easily and swiftly implement to improve their chances for success. In the spirit of this need, here are ten tips in the areas of accounting and finance that they should consider implementing in a hurry: 1.  Entity selection […]

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