Archive | December, 2013

Why Buy Convertible Bonds?

I sometimes answer questions for those at that ask basic investing questions.  Usually I point to old articles of mine, but this time someone asked a question that I have not answered before, and here it is: What’s a convertible note? I’ve Googled for the answer but can’t find a simple answer. Why would […]

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Price Increases

The IRS has announced that beginning January 1, 2014 the fees for the installment agreement and Offer in Compromise will increase. The basic fee for the installment agreement will increase from $105 to $120. Taxpayers who need to have their agreement reinstated will pay $50 which is up from $45. The fee for low income […]

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The Prime Directive: Stay Out of the Bottom Quartile

If you are a money manager, you would like to be in the top quartile of managers all of the time, but you know that is virtually impossible.  So you might set a more achievable goal, staying out of the bottom quartile.  Now there are two ways to achieve that: 1) Make intelligent asset selections […]

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