Kansas Tax Amnesty 2015

Shutterstock_54065896The Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR) has a new tax amnesty program. That means if you owe back Kansas taxes you can avoid paying the interest and penalties on the tax. The catch? You have to pay off the full tax by October 15, 2015.

Between September 1 and October 15, 2015, taxpayers who owe taxes for tax periods that ended on or before December 31, 2013 can apply to for amnesty. If they haven’t filed their returns those have to be submitted with the application. This program is not open for taxes that have been audited or adjusted by the IRS or under investigation by KDOR. Taxes eligible for amnesty include: income, privilege, withholding, sales, comp use, liquor, cigarette and severance taxes.

To apply, a taxpayer needs to submit an application, any unfiled tax returns, tell KDOR what years, which taxes and the balance dues they want included in the program. They also have to submit at least 10% of the total balance due with the remaining to be paid by October 15, 2015. Payment can be pay by check, money order, credit card or electronic fund transfer.

How much can you save? A taxpayer who owed $500 on their 2013 Kansas income tax will save $169.71 in interest and penalties by taking advantage of the amnesty program.

Amnesty application

Amnesty FAQ

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