Spam Notes

Shutterstock_74503714Most tax preparers want new clients and we get them in a variety of ways. Mostly they call or come to the office to visit before I do the return. Occasionally, I do get an email telling me a new person wants me to do their return. This year I am getting a lot more emails and I believe all are scams.

Earlier this month, the IRS sent out an email to tax pros warning us of this new scam. You respond or open an attachment and you have a problem. It began with Hotmail accounts but it looks as if it has expanded to other mail clients.

So, if you are really a new client, please give me a call so I know you are legitimate then we can email. Or if email is your only option, please tell me who recommended you or ask them to alert me. Otherwise, as much as I would like you as a client, I will delete your email.

The regular reminder. The IRS does not contact taxpayers by phone, email or fax. They use snail mail. If you get a call/email/fax from someone saying they are the IRS, ignore it. The only exception is if you are working with a specific agent/officer and have set up to correspond using a method other than the mail. And if you do get an IRS notice or letter, contact your tax pro as soon as possible so they can help you.

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