No Handshake

The great thing about having a blog is I can use it to vent. So here goes:

Get over yourself. I don’t have to shake your hand.

A little background might help. The last few years have been medically challenging for me. Most of my ailments have been joint and bone related but I did have a major infection that took a big chunk out of my left leg. Also, for the first four months of the year, I can’t get sick because I have an office to run and tax returns to do. Bottom line is I don’t shake hands. There is nothing that spreads germs more than a good hand shake.

Yes, I have hand sanitizer on my desk and I do use it but it hurts. Right now my hands are covered with paper cuts from all the documents I’m handling and my hands are dry and chapped from grabbing hot returns off the printer. The sanitizer has alcohol that burns. It also seems a little tacky to me to shake someone hand then immediately grab the sanitizer. If I wait, there is too much chance I will get distracted and not use the stuff.

Years ago I made a little sign with the red line across a pair of hands shaking. I have one on the door and one at my desk. I don’t offer my hand and if I’m offered a hand I politely tell them that I don’t shake hands and why. But you would be surprised how many people get offended when I refuse their hand. It’s like I accused them of being a leper. (The client who triggered this post spent the interview sniffing and coughing into his sleeve then gets mad because I won’t shake his hand.)

So no hand shaking for me – it’s not personal just protective.


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