Tax Day?

Yes, it’s April 15th but it’s not Tax Day!

This year, with the weekend and Emancipation Day, taxes aren’t due until Tuesday April 17th. So, you have a few more days to procrastinate. If your taxes aren’t filed yet you have a few options.

First, you can get them done and filed/mailed by April 17th. However, if you are planning to drop them on a tax pro’s desk and expect to pick them up a few hours or a day later you might get a surprise. Be prepared to file an extension. If your tax pro is like me, the last couple of days are spent answering questions, getting forms signed so I can file completed returns, replacing lost voucher (balance due and estimates) and filing returns and extensions. That doesn’t leave much time for preparing return.

Second, you can file an extension. Here is all the info on that.

Lastly, you can file your return late. This may be the answer if you are sure you don’t owe a balance due.

This is also a good time to think about 2018 taxes. This is for anyone whether their taxes are done or not. Will there be life changes happening in 2018? That includes, but not limited to, marriage, divorce, a baby, empty nest, retirement or starting a business. You might want to talk to your tax pro or do some research so you don’t get a nasty surprise at tax time next year.

The plan is to post more after tax season so I’ll cover life changes in more depth then.

One special note: If you are planning to file a Kansas Homestead Return, the due date is Monday April 16th. Returns not filed on time will lose their refunds.

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